Replica Achille Castiglioni Taraxacum Light

Castelle & Leon


This stunning light will add a breathtaking retro feature to any room.Originally designed by Castiglioni in 1988, this stunning piece is a classic that can be adapted to any environment.

Light is cast in every direction, creating a dynamic, even distribution of light. The Replica Achille Castiglioni Taraxacum Light is perfect for the home; a feature by day and a light source by night, this gorgeous pendant is a true fusion of practicality and style.

Available in

Dia 40cm - 20 bulbs

Dia 50cm - 40 bulbs

Dia 60cm - 60 bulbs

 Adjustable cord with E27 G80 globes not included (diameters given are approximate and inclusive of globes)


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