Commercial and Bulk Orders

What Makes Us a Trusted Partner for Bulk Order?

Most people are adding creativity in their attempts to beautify their homes or offices. Apart from buying all the stylish art pieces, they are also investing in unique lighting products. You will discover that the demand for exclusive lighting products is increasing. Thus, offering antler chandelier for sale is a profitable venture. Most buyers have a problem finding a store that offers unique lighting solutions. Unfortunately, the available store cannot satisfy the present demand. We think it is a great idea creating room for more traders to join the business. With our years of experience in this trade, we know the challenges of setting up and running the store. The greatest challenge is finding a reliable source of supply for lighting equipment. We believe in our capacity to supply enough products needed by our wholesale clients. Listed below are a few things that make us a trusted partner for bulk orders.

Emergency orders

While running the business, the demand for lighting products can rise without preparation. In such times, you will need a supplier with sufficient lighting products. Our store is well stocked with numerous lighting products. Thus, we can comfortably meet your emergency orders. Our store is stocked regularly. Irrespective of the need, it cannot be depleted easily.

New products

We never run out of new lighting products. The relevance of our business depends on our ability to find new lighting solutions every time. That is what makes us unique from other stores. Apparently, we know the wholesale clients promise their clients unique products. You can be assured that we will always provide the new and unique industrial pendant light in the market.

Better pricing

We ensure that customers in need of bulk orders get a profit whenever they sell the lighting products. Thus, we do not charge the same prices as other sellers. Our pop colored wire cage light is cheaper when bought on wholesale. That enables the wholesale buyers to sell the products at a lower price. Thus, it will be easier for them to get clients and make profits. At the end of the day, we all benefit.

Did we mention we take bulk and large-scale orders? Not only is Castelle and Leon about beautiful homes, but our products are also used to create many stunning interiors for offices, hotels, bars and restaurants.

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Large orders are those with multiple quantities of one item, or over $1500 in order value.

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